Meet the Maker


Hi! My name is Leslie. Nice to meet you! I am a SoCal (Southern California) Native, Kindergarten teacher, and a creator.


- Working with children makes me happy

- School is tough, but I enjoy it. In addition to my Teaching Credentials, I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Studies. I also hope to get a Master's Degree in the near future

- Creating and creativity brings me joy: DIY'ing, editing videos, various forms of design and planning, and of course, arts & crafts. 


- I love all things Disney, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and musicals

- I am always down for boba and adventures 

- Ice cream is always a good idea to me

- Good, heartfelt, & meaningful conversations are my jam - I'm not too great at small talk, but I'm down for a heart-to-heart at any given moment


As an educator, I understand and believe in the importance of multi-sensory learning experiences. Within my own classroom, I make sure to incorporate as many opportunities for hands-on activities as I am able to. Of course, paper-pencil activities find their way into the mix as well, but I lean more towards providing my students with the tools they will need to learn each lesson through their own experiences. My learning kits include both paper-pencil and hands-on activities to provide a full and fun learning experience for each type of learning style.

Learning Kits - Posters & Art Prints - Stickers Sets - Resin Alphabet Set & Monogram Keychains - ColorFun Crayons

Some products include options to personalize. 


It is important for me to help others - to lend a helping hand, encourage, and motivate. This is the backbone of TLC.

My hope is to provide supplemental support to families and educators alike.

I wanted to create educational products that make learning enjoyable, exciting, and engaging for all kinds of learners - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. 

I ensure that my products convey heartfelt messages of strength and a positive sense of self.

Most importantly, I want to encourage and exemplify kindness - to others and to oneself.

As this is a passion project-turned-business, my goal is to always provide an experience that is one of timeless love through my creations.